Testing Tools


ACTECMAX sells intelligent testing tools for vehicle air conditioning system diagnostics: Cooltest 711 for fast overall testing, and Valtest 371 specifically for compressor valve assessment.  Not only fully-functioned and highly accurate, these units are also handheld, fast, easy to use, and feature LED displays, a full one-year warranty, and either 12V DC or vehicle-mounted batteries . What’s more, like all ACTECMAX offerings they carry a great worldwide reputation, are widely available around the globe within 15 days, and represent a great performance-level choice. 

Cooltest 711 quickly analyzes your automobile AC for any commonly occurring faults such as: gas lacking, leaking, or overcharging; low or no compression; a choked expansion valve, low-pressure circuit, or receiver drier; the electric fan not working; or a dirty condenser.  Valtest 371 on the other hand diagnoses for a faulty compressor control valve by detecting: open circuit valves; short circuits or interruptions of the electromagnetic valve; and signal variation during compressor performance.  

To ensure functionality and long-life, ACTECMAX makes both Cooltest and Valtest from a combination of polymers: PVC (for waterproofing and resistance to acids, alkalines, and other chemicals) and ABS (for toughness, impact-resistance, and strength).  Both are also made to rigorous designs, thorough manufacturing processes, and strict QC, and have a complete line of accessories available. 


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