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Refrigerant Charging Hoses..

with Refill tube R134a , Other refrigerant need ask ,..

R134a Other refrigerant need ask,..

1/4" Standard colored hoses1/4" SAE X 1/4" SAELength: 3'-90cm;5'-150cm;6'-180cm 3-pack:R;Y;B..

Automotive hoses 14mm & 1/2" acmeLength: 3'-90cm;5'-150cm;6'-180cm; 8'-240cm;10'-300cm;20'-60..

1/4 sae x 1/4 sae R-12 to R134aLength: 3'-90cm;5'-150cm;6'-180cm; 4-pack:R;Y;B..

1/4 sae x 1/4 sae with anti-blowback valve on one end if yellow hoseLength: 3'-90cm;5'-150cm;6'-180c..

Set of 3 flexible hoses with shut off ball valves for R410A/R407C/R22With AC.142.001 quick couplerMa..

1/4" premium hoses for all refrigerantsWith AC.142.002 quick couplerLength: 3'-90cm;5'-150cm;6'-180c..

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