ACTECMAX air conditioner compressors are the finest, most efficient available for practically any vehicle on the road, worldwide. Equal if not superior to any OEM unit on the market (as they are made in the same factories as OEM compressors), they are guaranteed to be newly manufactured from fully automated processes, using only 100% newly-sourced aluminum. What’s more, they are guaranteed to operate at the highest standards for a minimum of one year. Not surprisingly, therefore, each ACTECMAX sub-component and assembly undergoes strict inspection and all finished output is carefully packaged on-site.

Diligent and knowledgeable distribution/service partners around the globe means your ACTECMAX delivery or replacement is also guaranteed, worldwide, within 30 days of order - in fact, often within 10days! They are likely to already have what you need in stock though, as our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is just 50 pcs. Through this expansive network a full line of related accessories is also available, including clutches and clutch coils, bearings, control valves, rear heads, oil seals, gaskets, and so forth.

Throughout North and Latin America, Europe, and Asia customers know well the ACTECMAX name for AC parts - including these compressors. Whether for commercial or everyday use, for retail or DIY “weekend warrior” repair, our auto air conditioner compressors represent the best high-end choice, and best high-end value.  

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