Advantages of Truck Air Conditioner With Stopped Engine

A common image in parking areas: truck drivers leave their engines running for hours to use the air conditioning or to recharge their batteries during their rest periods. This harms the environment, and it is also illegal. Tons of fuel are wasted and it is a huge expense for fleet operators; in addition, they cause faster engine wear. A stationary air conditioner keeps operating costs low. Equally important to fleet owners is the fact that it improves safety on the job, thus ensuring that the driver and cargo arrive safely at their destination.


The air temperature felt by the human body may differ from the actual air temperature. Our thermal sensation can range from hot, through a comfortable temperature, to cold. We all want to enjoy a pleasant climate, and the humidity of the air plays a decisive role. When air humidity is low, we tolerate high temperatures even though we sweat. Dry heat causes sweat to quickly evaporate from the skin with a cooling effect. However, this does not happen in a hot and humid climate, since the humidity of the air is high, reducing the evaporation capacity of sweat and, with it, the cooling effect. Consequently, the sensation of heat is accentuated. The air is humid and sticky, which can lead to circulation problems and insomnia.
Knowing all this, it is obvious what a good stationary truck air conditioner should do. Refrigeration alone is not enough; It is also necessary to reduce the humidity of the air to achieve a pleasant climate.

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