r1234yf recovery machine

Fully automatic r1234yf gas refrigerant recycling recovery machine


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Product Specification

  1. Brand: ACTECmax
  2. Product Model: AC.138.038
  3. Rated Power: AC 220V±10%~50/60
  4. Vacuum Pump power: 370W
  5. Compressor power: 3/8HP
  6. Work tank Capacity: 12L
  7. Drier-Filter:68KG
  8. Recovery speed:660g/Min
  9. Accuracy: ±10g


★Especially dealing with new gas r1234yf
★Nitrogen leak detection
★Update: Work tank gauge included
★Fully automatic AC machine
★Recover refrigerant from vehicle AC
★Recharge clean refrigerant into vehicle AC
★Self-diagnoses the main components in real time