Parking Cooler

Parking Cooler a high-performance autonomous air conditioning system for road vehicles. Since it is a self-contained electrical system, Compact will help you reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

The Parking Cooler system is the perfect solution to rest at night in the truck cab and, depending on the model, it can also be used to be comfortable inside the cab during loading and unloading operations as well as during stops.


  • Fully electric
  • Fuel savings
  • Less maintenance – the less the truck engine idles, the less maintenance it will require 100% environmentally friendly – since, while it is running, the engine remains off, there are no CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
  • Provides a good rest in the vehicle cabin, which contributes to road safety
  • For installation, it is not necessary to touch the vehicle engine
  • Works with the motor vehicle stopped and running
  • Simple assembly without drilling the cab on trucks with a hatch
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