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Anchor is a manufacturer and supplier of the automotive blower motor, evaporator blower motor.

Car ac blower motor is an important part of the air conditioning system. The heater blower motor location is mounted inside the car dashboard. The function of the auto blower motor is to push the air through the vents into the passenger cabin. If the ac blower motor not working, a/c system will not be able to circulate cooler or hot air.

The advantages of car ac blower motor:

The electric motor is the key to the blower motor, it can affect the long life, stability of the blower motor. The electric motor is made up of carbon brush and bearing.

  1. We use AVO carbon brush to extend the long life of the car blower motor.
  2. We apply SKF waterproof bearing imported from Italy and Switzerland.
  3.  Automatic machine to produce electric motor.

We also provide you with customized service. You can send us a blower motor sample or picture, we will help you to manufacture the product.