Welcome to the store of the anchor. The anchor is an aftermarket truck sleeper air conditioner suppliers. Anchor has its own factory to produce parking air conditioners. We can make 2000 units of truck air conditioning units per month. 12v 24v electric air conditioner also can be widely used in Trucks, road machines, agriculture machines, Clarks, crane machines, motorhome, airplanes, boats, vans, RV, etc, and so on. Meanwhile, we also can customize parking cooler for different vehicles.  


The installtion of parking cooler

What is the truck air conditioner?

You imagine that a man drive truck in the hot summer, hot wheather, humid air, truck air conditioning system can’t make enough cool air,but you can’t roll down the window, It’s hotter outside the truck. You feel irritable and tired. Now ACTECmax Truck air conditioner can help you solve the problem.

The truck air conditioner also calls parking cooler. Electric truck cabin air conditioners run by battery-powered, semi-truck air conditioners can continue to offer cool air when the engine stops. The aftermarket portable can let your engine have a rest. It can install on the top or back of the vehicle.

Who should install an aftermarket truck air conditioner?

It is extremely happy for the heavy-duty driver(including truck drivers, excavator drivers, and van drivers,etc.)to have a cool cab in the hot summer.

If you are truck driers or, you should install the truck sleeper air conditioner.  It can make you have a comfortable and cool cab in the long work. In addition, the truck air conditioner can work with a stopped or running can have the best sleep in the truck, it also saves hotel money.

If you are the boss of the long-distance transportation company, aftermarket truck ac unit can help you get better profits. Electric semi truck air conditioner can save fuel. Our engineers tested that annual fuel saving for a truck about is 1917 dollars per year. A semi-truck air conditioner is about 400-700 dollars, you can pay it back in one year.

Let us conclude  the advantages of aftermarket truck air conditioner

1. 100% electric, it was battery powered air conditioner for trucks.

2. The ACTECmax truck air conditioner can work with a stopped or running vehicle.

3. Truck ac unit decreases the use of the engine in idle, less wear.

4. The people add on air conditioning for trucks, it also can save fuel.

5. It is not necessary to install anything on the motor.

6. Parking cooler works with the fan alone.

7. Parking cooler can be installed on the roof or back of the cabin.

8. Truck air conditioning units display with the digital screen,

9. The truck sleeper air conditioner has a digital thermometer and remote control.

10. Battery protection system with the automatic cut at a certain voltage to prevent the battery from being insufficient to start the vehicle

11. Available in 12 and 24 V

12. Can be connected with a 220V permanent function converter while it has power

13. Parking cooler can install completely about 2 hours.

What the types of truck air conditioner

back wall parking cooler

1. Split battery powered air conditioner for trucks

12v 24v are available

2. Embedded portable ac unit for truck

The 24 volts 12-volt air conditioner is suitable for trucks with sleeping berths, embedded parking air conditioner, ultra-thin host, no need to drill holes for embedded installation, external machines can be installed in hidden locations under the frame or side of the vehicle body, reducing hidden dangers of inspection and modification

3. roof mounted air conditioning units for trucks

24v 12v rooftop air conditioner is designed for trucks with the sunroof. The all-in-one body is non-destructive and non-drilling. The industrial plastic steel shell has high pressure and temperature resistance, reduces wind resistance and fuel consumption.

The prospects of truck air conditioner

It’s an amazing market. Many many people demand parking cooler.we have a distributor of truck sleeper ac units in Argentina. If you want to make money, please join us, we will help you.

Why choose us?

The anchor is a truck sleeper air conditioner suppliers and manufacturers, we specialize in truck air conditioner solutions, we have many styles of truck air conditioning units for your choice, we can design and produce independently, welcome to visit our factory.

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