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Product Specification

This battery-powered air conditioner is used mainly to cool down the truck cabin during the driver’s overnight rest periods and during loading and unloading operations. Wide range of applications: construction equipment, Industrial Equipment, agricultural equipment, light &heavy duty trucks, Cranes, Forklifts, mobile workshops, and any other equipment.

Brand: ACTECmax
Model: AC.161.053
Electric air conditioning
96VDC 1600W Long four-hole

Decoding Electric Car AC Systems

Understanding the difference between the air conditioning systems in new energy vehicles and traditional ones is like figuring out two puzzle pieces. Here’s the scoop: electric vehicles don’t use the engine as their power source, so they can’t tap into engine waste heat for heating and defrosting. That’s where the new energy vehicle air conditioning system steps in, adding an electric scroll compressor and heating system, setting it apart from the traditional fuel vehicle air conditioning setup.

Unveiling Electric Car AC Magic

When it comes to cooling, the air conditioning system in electric vehicles operates on the same principles as traditional fuel vehicles. The real game-changer lies in how the compressor operates and where the warm air comes from. Electric vehicles rely on electric compressors powered by high-voltage batteries for refrigeration.

Cracking the Code on Heating

Heating gets a bit tricky for new energy vehicles. Unlike traditional vehicles, which use engine coolant for heating—simple and power-efficient—new energy vehicles take a different route. They usually opt for electric heating methods, split into two types: one heats the coolant for the warm water tank through refrigerant circulation, and the other directly warms the air passing through the evaporator, using either PTC heating or a heat pump. Speaking of PTC heaters, think of them like big resistances; they generate heat when there’s current. The only hitch is their lower heating efficiency and higher energy consumption. In super cold conditions, electric air conditioners can gobble up almost half of the vehicle’s cruising range, making winter AC use a cautious choice. However, the silver lining is the rising popularity of heat pump electric compressors, known for their superior heating efficiency. Companies like Guchen EAC and major OEMs are actively exploring heat pump compressor development.

Special Blend for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles have their unique flavor. Due to their control strategy, the engine can’t always play the role of power source for refrigeration or a heat source for heating. So, the air-conditioning systems in pure electric vehicles and hybrids don’t dance to the exact same tune. Warm air in hybrid vehicles comes from the engine coolant as the heat source when the engine is at work. In EV mode, the electric heating PTC usually steps up to provide the heat source.

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