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Product Specification

This battery-powered air conditioner is used mainly to cool down the truck cabin during the driver’s overnight rest periods and during loading and unloading operations. Wide range of applications: construction equipment, Industrial Equipment, agricultural equipment, light &heavy duty trucks, Cranes, Forklifts, mobile workshops, and any other equipment.

Brand: ACTECmax
Model: AC.161.053
Electric air conditioning
96VDC 1600W Long four-hole

# Elevating Comfort and Efficiency: The Electric AC Air Conditioning System

In today’s rapidly evolving world, climate control in vehicles has become an essential feature. From passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, ensuring a comfortable and controlled environment within the cabin is a priority. The **Electric AC Air Conditioning System** is at the forefront of this transformation, and Anchor Group is your trusted partner in delivering this cutting-edge technology.

## The Need for Efficient Climate Control

Whether it’s a daily commute in a passenger car, a long journey in a coach bus, or hauling goods in a heavy-duty truck, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle is crucial. Extreme weather conditions can be harsh, and the Electric AC Air Conditioning System is here to provide the solution.

## **Advantages of the Electric AC Air Conditioning System**

### 1. Eco-Friendly Operation

Electric AC systems are designed with the environment in mind. They are energy-efficient and produce fewer emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

### 2. Energy Efficiency

These systems are known for their energy efficiency, ensuring that they don’t drain the vehicle’s power source unnecessarily. This, in turn, leads to cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

### 3. Customizable Comfort

The Electric AC system offers customizable climate control, allowing passengers and drivers to set their preferred temperatures for an optimal and comfortable journey.

### 4. Reduced Noise

Quiet operation is essential for an enjoyable and peaceful ride. Electric AC systems operate silently, providing a disturbance-free experience.

## **Anchor Group: Your Reliable Source**

When it comes to delivering high-quality OEM and aftermarket AC parts and tools for a wide range of vehicles, Anchor Group is a name you can rely on. Their reputation for professionalism, excellence, and customer service sets them apart as a leading supplier in the automotive industry.

## **The Future of Vehicle Climate Control**

The introduction of the Electric AC Air Conditioning System represents a significant shift in vehicle climate control. These systems offer eco-friendly, energy-efficient, customizable comfort with reduced noise, making them a key feature in today’s vehicles. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, these systems will play an increasingly important role in ensuring a comfortable and sustainable driving experience.

In conclusion, the quest for efficient and eco-friendly climate control in vehicles is at the forefront of the automotive industry, and the Electric AC Air Conditioning System is leading the way. With benefits like energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and quiet operation, these systems are setting new standards for comfort and sustainability. Anchor Group’s dedication to excellence ensures that customers have access to the best solutions for their vehicle climate control needs.

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