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ACTECmax car ac evaporator (also called car air conditioner evaporator)is a leading supplier in China. We have our own factory, we provide car air conditioner evaporator with different quality. The best of car aircon evaporators are made of aluminum to improve corrosion resistance and life. In addition, we also offer car evaporator core of normal quality. So car ac cooling coil price depends on quality and quantity. Contact us now for the best wholesale price.

What is the auto ac evaporator?

The ac evaporator is one of the components of the car a/c system, the function is that the low-temperature condensed gas passes through the car evaporator, exchanges heat with the outside air, and liquefies and absorbs heat to achieve the cooling effect. In other words, a car air conditioner evaporator is a heat exchanger in a mobile A/C system.

Where the car ac evaporator install?

Different car air conditioning assemblies are arranged differently; passenger cars are usually inside the CPM, and car aircon evaporator is arranged behind the air conditioning filter. Two tubes on the side of the evaporator are connected to the expansion valve.

Generally, car aircon evaporator types:

1.Parallel flow auto ac evaporator coil or core.

2.Plate fin car ac evaporator coil.

3. serpentine evaporator coil.

4. Tube car air conditioner evaporator.

Why choose us?

1. We have 18 years of export supplier experience in automotive evaporators.

2. We can produce various types of evaporator series products according to customer needs.

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