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Anchor is the manufacturer and supplier of automotive hose for the air conditioning system.

Auto Air Conditioning Hose
Auto Air Conditioning Hose

The quality of the AC hose directly affects the frequency of system failures and the degree of wear and tear of various components. Judging the quality of air conditioning ducts depends on many aspects, such as temperature and pressure.

We offer you different levels of automotive air conditioning hoses.


It is well known that the most famous brand in the air-conditioning hose is Good year, and the name is Galaxy in the Chinese market. It is a great honor that our company is one of Galaxy’s agents in China and has been exporting Galaxy air-conditioning ducts to the world for many years, such as Germany, Japan, the United States, Russia, Argentina, and other countries. In addition, we will provide one-year warranty service.

How do you prove that your galaxy pipeline is real?

There are Galaxy pipelines of various prices on the market for everyone to choose from, which is very easy to confuse everyone. First, let’s take a look at our agreement with the brand. Secondly, we are now selling galaxy pipes to many countries, and we provide customers with a one-year quality report. If you have any questions, you can contact our sales staff.

2.National brand?

Cheaper than GALAXY to compete in the market, but the quality is also good for the aftermarket.

How does the car ac hose work?

Automotive air conditioning hoses are mainly used to transport liquids or gaseous refrigerants through the air conditioning system of your vehicle.

It connects the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and drying receiver in the air conditioning system to make the Freon and oil run in the system. Car aircon hose is compatible with R134a and many other vehicular refrigerants

Generally, car air conditioner hose has good resistance to aging and corrosion. Auto ac refrigerant hose has a nylon lining that greatly enhances the hose’s resistance to penetration and reduces the possibility of refrigerant damage to the atmospheric ozone layer.

As a professional auto ac hose suppliers & manufacturers, we provide stable quality and competitive prices automotive ac hose for you.

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