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Anchor is the best ac compressor clutch hub manufacturers & suppliers in China. We have almost 500 types of ac compressor clutch hub.

AC compressor clutch hub is one part of the compressor clutch and it is controlled electronically by your HVAC controls.  All our compressor magnetic clutch hub is designed to meet or exceed original part specifications. All compressor clutch hub is made from high-quality material.

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Unveiling the Significance of Clutch Hubs in Automotive Air Conditioning

In the world of automotive air conditioning systems, every component plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance. Clutch hubs are no exception. As a leading supplier of high-quality OEM and aftermarket AC parts and tools, Anchor Group takes pride in offering a wide range of clutch hubs to cater to various vehicles, from passenger cars to coach buses and heavy-duty trucks. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of clutch hubs and how they contribute to the efficiency and functionality of automotive air conditioning.

The Heart of the Compressor

At the core of an automotive air conditioning system lies the compressor, which is responsible for pressurizing and circulating refrigerant to produce cold air. The clutch hub is a vital component of the compressor, serving as the connection point between the engine’s power and the compressor’s operation.

OEM and Aftermarket Clutch Hubs

Anchor Group understands that our customers have diverse needs and preferences when it comes to replacement parts. To accommodate this diversity, we offer a range of clutch hubs, both in OEM and aftermarket options.

OEM Clutch Hubs

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) clutch hubs are designed and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of the vehicle’s manufacturer. Choosing an OEM clutch hub ensures compatibility and optimal performance, as it is engineered specifically for the vehicle’s make and model.

One of the primary advantages of selecting an OEM clutch hub is the guarantee of quality. These hubs undergo rigorous testing and adhere to the highest industry standards, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners. Anchor Group’s OEM clutch hubs maintain our commitment to excellence, ensuring that your air conditioning system functions at its best.

Aftermarket Clutch Hubs

For those seeking cost-effective alternatives without compromising quality or performance, Anchor Group offers a selection of aftermarket clutch hubs. These hubs are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles and air conditioning systems, providing versatility and affordability.

The key advantage of aftermarket clutch hubs lies in their accessibility. They offer budget-friendly options for those in need of a replacement or an upgrade. Anchor Group’s aftermarket clutch hubs undergo stringent quality control measures, ensuring that they deliver reliable performance under diverse conditions.

The Significance of Clutch Hubs

Clutch hubs are integral to the functionality of the compressor in an automotive air conditioning system. Here’s why they are significant:

1. Engagement and Disengagement

Clutch hubs allow the compressor to engage and disengage as needed. When the air conditioning is turned on, the clutch hub connects the compressor to the engine, enabling it to operate. When the air conditioning is turned off, the clutch hub disengages, preventing the compressor from running unnecessarily and saving energy.

2. Temperature Control

Clutch hubs play a vital role in regulating the temperature inside the vehicle. By controlling when the compressor operates, they ensure that the air conditioning system produces cold air when required and conserves energy when it’s not needed.

3. Energy Efficiency

Efficient clutch hubs contribute to energy efficiency in the vehicle. By optimizing the operation of the compressor, they help reduce the overall load on the engine and improve fuel economy.


In conclusion, Anchor Group is your trusted supplier of high-quality clutch hubs, upholding our commitment to excellence, exceptional value, convenience, and professionalism. Whether you choose OEM precision or opt for cost-effective aftermarket solutions, Anchor Group is your partner in ensuring that your automotive air conditioning system operates efficiently.

With clutch hubs at the heart of your compressor, you can trust Anchor Group to enhance your driving experience by maintaining an optimal cabin temperature while promoting energy efficiency. Our reputation for professionalism is a testament to the top-notch results we achieve daily through discipline, communication, and efficient processes.