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Anchor is one of the largest ac compressor bearing suppliers in the aftermarket ac parts. We provide almost 200 kinds of ac compressor bearings for your choice.

Advantages of our ac compressor clutch bearing:

1. Our compressor clutch bearing will fit the Original (OEM) compressor perfectly.

2. Long life

3. CE, TS16949 Certification for magnetic clutch bearing.

When your car a/c system is making noise, you maybe need to replace ac clutch noise. The car ac clutch bearing replacement price is very cheap. You can save more money instead of changing the ac compressor.

The tips for install new ac clutch bearing:

The first step is to remove the ac compressor clutch and use an ac compressor bearing removal tool to knock out the old compressor bearing.

The second step is to freeze the new bearing and heat the pulley in the oven. Due to the temperature difference, the bearing will actually fall completely into the pulley. Now It was finished, Congratulations!