Anchor is auto ac orifice tube supplier for over 17 years, we also provide other auto air conditioning parts.

AC orifice tube also calls the throttle valve. the orifice tube is a simple component but it is also an extremely important part of the AC system. AC orifice tube function is similar to the expansion valve. Orifice tube filters out most contaminants from the oil and liquid refrigerant and also provides the correct pressure differential.

If you’re changing out you have locked up AC compressor, you going to need to replace this orifice tube because of an ac orifice tube clogged. Aftermarket orifice tube replacement price is very low, and ac orifice tube installation can be performed by orifice tube removal tool.

There are many colors for orifice tubes, for example, white, orange, grey, brown, dark green, red, black, blue, yellow, green, etc.

If you want to buy ac orifice tubes, but you don’t find it on the website, you can contact us, we will provide it for you.