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technical data
Input: 80-265v AC 50Hz (1-p) Charging plug:SAE j1772
Main plug: None
Rated power: 7kw
Output: 80-265v AC 35A
Number of phases: single phase Contact resistance: max.0.5 m 0
Insulation resistance: >500m 0(DC500V)
High voltage resistance: 2500V AC
Terminal temperature rise: <50k Operating humidity: 5%-95% non condensing Protection type: plle box IP55 Charging gun head IP67 Executive standard: conformto SAE standard Flame retardant grade: UL94 V-0| Plugging force during coupling:45n 10000 times
Operating temperature:-30 °C-120° C
Material application: terminal copper alloy, silver plated surface
Cable: 3*6mm2x0. 75mm2
Housing material: pc9330
Cable length weight: 5m (5kg)
Connector type: SAE type1
Display mode: indicator light
Single packing specification:41cm*41cm*13cm
Customization instructions: from
5 meters /35yuan per meter[more than 10 pieces can be customized]