AC R134a Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine


Product Model:AC.138.039

High Pressure Shut-off:38bar/550psi
Low Pressure Shut-off:Optional
80%O.F.P.Shut-off kit:Optional
Opeating Temp.:0 ℃-40℃
Net Weight:14kg


  1. Suitable for all commonly used refrigerants (CFC, HCFC, HFC), including the latest R410A;
  2. 1/2HP&1HP, oil-free compressor can quickly recover gaseous and liquid refrigerants;
  3. Heavy-duty industrial-grade condenser and fan;
  4. High voltage protection switch;
  5. The filter drier can remove moisture and acidic substances from the refrigerant;
  6. Suitable for the maintenance of refrigeration systems such as automobile air conditioners, household air conditioners, central air conditioners and cold storage.