Low Cost R134a AC Refrigerant Recovery Unit


Product Model:AC.138.043

Rated Power: AC 220V±10%~50/60Hz
Vacuum Pump power: 370W
Compressor power: 1HP (Europe imported)
Work tank Capacity: 12L
Max Recovery speed: 2400g/Min
Accuracy: ±1g
Display can be 360° adjusted
12.5”big display screen

Main Feature:

1.12.5”BIG touch screen Intelligent FLUSH machine

2.Any language available

3.Designed for middle-large service centers & vehicle production lines

4.Flush without disassembly

5.Leak detection by refrigerant

6.Wi-Fi Report shows instant working status

7.Built-in database makes charging at only one click

8.Eight Sensors accurate every working performance

9.Optional(backstage admin and double-system)