A sleek, modern RV AC unit in action, keeping the interior comfortably cool during a road trip.

A sleek, modern RV AC unit in action, keeping the interior comfortably cool during a road trip.


Pioneering RV AC Solutions

Efficiency Redefined: Auto AC Fittings and Aftermarket Innovations

Wholesale Excellence: Elevating the Industry Standard

Hidden version parking , Hidden design, the condenser assembly is fixed on the rear wall of the cab or the bottom of the cab during installation

Setting a New Standard in RV Comfort

In response to the evolving needs of road enthusiasts, Anchor Group has engineered a new era in RV air conditioning. This innovative solution is set to redefine travel comfort, providing a seamless blend of performance, efficiency, and reliability. The journey is no longer just about reaching the destination but savoring every moment on the road.

Smart Cooling Technology

Energy-Efficient Auto AC Fittings

Aftermarket Truck Air Conditioner

Quote from Anchor Group Spokesperson: “This innovative leap in RV air conditioning underscores Anchor Group’s commitment to elevating travel experiences. Our new solutions redefine the standards of efficiency and comfort, ensuring every journey is a delightful adventure.”

Wholesale Excellence: Elevating the Industry Standard

Recognizing the needs of businesses in the automotive industry, Anchor Group is proud to announce an expansion of its wholesale offerings. The wholesale platform is designed to provide businesses with a competitive edge, offering cost-effective access to top-quality RV AC parts.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction and Success

At Anchor Group, our dedication extends beyond innovative products. We are committed to ensuring the success and satisfaction of our customers. Whether you’re an avid road traveler or a business looking for wholesale solutions, Anchor Group is your trusted partner in automotive air conditioning.

Anchor Group, a trailblazing force in the automotive air conditioning industry, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking leap forward in RV comfort. This exciting revelation marks a turning point in the travel experience, underlining Anchor Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its diverse customer base.

About Anchor Group Anchor Group has been a leading supplier of high-quality OEM and aftermarket AC parts and tools for various vehicles. With a reputation built on exceptional value, convenience, and service, Anchor Group continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the automotive air conditioning industry.

Anchor Group’s RV AC solutions set a new standard for excellence in the travel industry. Discover how these transformative solutions can redefine your journey and elevate your RV experience. To learn more, visit or contact our team.

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