Truck Air Conditioner Compressor

AC.100.3851, it’s a scroll electric compressor. This one we sell with controller.It is suitable for 12V original power supplied engineering vehicle air conditioners, truck parking coolers,  Recreational Vehicle air conditioners, taxis and other commercial cars that require parking air conditioning.

This type of compressor can adopt two control modes: start-stop or speed-regulating operation.

Users can use potentiometer to control the speed of the compressor.

With 4 types of protections, we can use the compressor in system safe.

◆1st one is Over-voltage protection: when it is over-voltage, it will stop immediately, after voltage recovery, it will delay 30s to restart.

◆2nd one is Under-voltage protection: when it is under-voltage, it will stop immediately, after voltage recovery, it will delay 15s to restart.

◆3rd one is Overload protection: when the running current reaches the protection, the protection time is 5s. After the overload protection stops, it will delay 30s to restart.

◆4th one is Overheat protection: Temperature protection is provided inside the controller. When the temperature of the circuit board is higher than the set value, it will stop immediately. After recovery, it will delay 30s to restart.

This compressor is widely used in our parking coolers. And we received great feedback from our customers


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