The advantage of the bus brushless blower motor

  1. Magnet

Aluminum iron boron is about 15% more magnetic than ordinary ferrite. Common brush fan uses a magnet as ferrite.

bus blower motor

2.Air volume

When the static pressure is the same as 100Pa with the spar 006 series brush blower, the air volume of this blower is 100m3/h larger

3.Service life

Lifespan: 40,000 hours, the average market with brush blowers ranges from 2000 to 8000 hours, our company’s conventional brush blower life is about 12000 hours, the long-life brush blower life is about 16000 hours, the brushless blower life is about 40000 hours.

4.Protection level

Waterproof performance: IP68, after fully immersed in a meter of water for 24 hours, passed the pressure test, no water enters inside the motor, and the operation is normal.

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