The gas recovery and recycling machine

car ac refrigerant recovery machine

The main function:
Refrigerant Recovery – Rely on the compression filter device within the machine system to recover the refrigerant from the air conditioning pipe into the working tank. Refrigerant regeneration: Refrigerant oil and moisture in the air conditioning system can be separated to meet the reuse standard and ensure the purity of the refrigerant, so that the refrigerant can be recycled Refrigerant Recharge: Set the amount of refill refrigerant and add the corresponding amount of the same type of refrigerant to the vehicle.Air conditioning leak detection: Detect whether there is a leak in the air conditioning refrigerant pipe to make sure the refrigerant pipe is well sealed. Vacuum cleaner: Vacuum the air conditioning pipe and equipment pipe Add refrigerant oil: Set the amount of refrigerated oil and add refrigerated oil to the air conditioning system.

It integrates multiple functions such as recovery, regeneration, aspiration, filling and leak detection.

  1. All operations are automatically controlled by the computer to reduce operational errors.
  2. All big screen Chinese LCD screen.
  3. Keypad operation.
  4. Single loop double electronic scale.
  5. It has full tank, empty tank, overpressure alarm function and will stop automatically after alarm.
  6. The unique separation regeneration system can separate the refrigerant oil, non-condensable gas and moisture in the air conditioning system.
  7. Use a German PTB certified weighing sensor.
  8. Equipped with 12L refillable steel cylinder, with double gas and liquid valves and safety protection.

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