What is an AC Condenser?

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An AC condenser is a vitally important part of a car’s air conditioning system that performs much of the cooling function and ish located under the hood of a vehicle. It resembles a radiator and transforms compressed refrigerant vapor into super-cooled liquid which will be returned to a gaseous state later in the air conditioning process. Almost all modern cars have air conditioning that drivers and passengers rely on in hot weather to remain comfortable, and occasionally the AC condenser can become clogged which leads to malfunction of the system. If this occurs, it’s best to have the problem repaired by a qualified professional.

air conditioner condensor

 A car’s air conditioner uses a substance known as refrigerant to absorb heat from the passenger cabin’s air. This heat is then removed from the refrigerant, chilling it again, so that air blown back into the car’s interior is cooled. The refrigerant performs this process repeatedly while cycling through a closed system. The AC condenser is a key part of the system where the heat is removed and the refrigerant is cooled.

The AC condenser is located in the car’s engine compartment under the hood; it’s most often found near the engine radiator, and it works in a similar fashion. When refrigerant enters the AC condenser, it is in a hot gaseous state after absorbing heat from the inside of the car. It travels through a long, winding pathway of narrow tubes in the condenser where it dissipates the heat from the surface of the tubes. This process is aided by the air blowing over the condenser’s front surface as the car moves; many systems also use fans to cool the refrigerant faster and to a greater degree. As the refrigerant travels through the AC condenser it gradually gets cooler, thus transforming from heated vapor to a highly cooled liquid state.

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