Electric air conditioning compressor


It is mainly used for the installation and modification of trucks, construction machinery, and trucks, all kinds of pure electric vehicles, locomotive tractors, ships, etc.

Operating principle

However, because electric vehicles use DC batteries, if you want the motor to run normally and stably, you need to use a control module (frequency converter) to convert DC to AC. That is, through the voltage control device in the control module, the duty cycle pulse modulation control voltage is added in turn according to a certain rule.

When high-voltage direct current passes through the inverter, a three-phase sinusoidal alternating current is formed at the output end to ensure the smooth operation of the three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor while generating enough torque to drive the compressor.


With the advancement of electric vehicle technology and increasing support for national policies, the electric vehicle industry has opened an opportunity to take off. With their own advantages, electric scroll compressors are the most suitable compressors for electric vehicle air conditioners. With the development of the electric vehicle industry, electric scroll compressors for electric vehicle air conditioners also open up good market opportunities

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