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electric compressor

The development of an electric ac compressor

New energy vehicles are the general trend of the development of the automotive industry, and new energy vehicles must use electric drive automatic regulation of the air conditioning system. So an electric car ac compressor will be widely applied.

What will we do in the future?

We will closely follow the development of the times, develop and manufacture environmentally-friendly electric car ac compressors, and make a contribution to the world’s environment.

How electric air conditioning compressor works?
The electric ac compressor is considered to be the ideal electrically driven air conditioning compressor. An electric ac compressor is a machine that raises low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas. It sucks the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, compresses it through the driving disk of the motor, and then discharges the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe to provide power for the refrigeration cycle.force.

The Advantages of electric automotive ac compressor

1. High efficiency and energy saving: Due to the design features of the electric scroll compressor, it has unparalleled efficiency comparing with other similar compressors, which can reduce operating costs.

2. Environmental friendly: Driven by electrical energy, no exhaust emissions.

3. More friendly to AC system: detect the power supply voltage and determine the driving power according to the power supply condition. More effectively protect the life of the car battery. Provide uninterrupted running time which will not affect the use of other appliances

4.  Flexible control methods: multiple control methods. The starting and stopping of the compressor are flexibly controlled by software codes.

5. Strong cooling: built-in drive, strong ability to automatically adapt to load. Fast cooling, high-precision control, fast response speed, and wide adjustment range.

6. DC frequency conversion: using permanent magnet synchronous motor, 180-degree sine wave frequency conversion control technology (SVPWM).

We keep up with product quality through five major test processes which are the precision parts measurement, ordinary parts measurement, electrical parts measurement, assembly process measurement, whole machine measurement. 6S standard quality monitoring (SEIRI finishing, SECTION rectification, SEISO cleaning, SEIKETSU cleaning, SHITSUKE literacy, SAFETY safety) to control the details of the production site and escort the quality of high-quality products.

The volt of electric auto ac compressor

    1. 12v electric automotive air conditioning compressor
    2. 24v electric ac compressor
    3. 48v electric auto ac compressor
    4. 72v electric car ac compressor
    5. 96v electric ac compressor
    6. 144v electric air conditioner compressor
    7. 312v auto ac compressor
    8. 520v electric automotive ac compressor

The electric air conditioning compressor is mainly used in trucks, construction machinery, and trucks for installation and modification, all kinds of pure electric vehicles, traction locomotives, ships, and so on.

The electric automotive ac compressor is one of our main products, welcome to ask us for product information.

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