18cc electric auto ac scroll compressor

Experience optimal cooling efficiency with the ACTECmax 18cc Electric Auto AC Scroll Compressor. Our compressor ensures a comfortable ride in any weather, boasting high COP for superior performance, low noise operation for serene drives, and a durable, energy-saving design. With a versatile voltage range, 1-year warranty, and smart features like automatic reset and soft starting, it’s the ideal choice. Compact, lightweight, and crafted with precision, this compressor is ISO9001, TS16949, and TUV standard certified. Upgrade your vehicle’s air conditioning – efficiency meets excellence with ACTECmax.

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Enhance your vehicle’s air conditioning system with the ACTECmax 18cc Electric Auto AC Scroll Compressor. Designed for optimal cooling efficiency, this compressor guarantees a comfortable ride in any weather.

Product Benefits:

  • High COP (Coefficient of Performance): Experience superior cooling performance with increased energy efficiency.
  • Low Noise Operation: Enjoy a serene driving experience with minimal compressor noise.
  • High-Reliability Long Life: Built to last, ensuring durability and consistent performance.
  • Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly: Contribute to a greener environment while saving on energy costs.
  • Easy to Assemble: Hassle-free installation for quick and convenient use.

Product Features:

  • Voltage Range: 220V-420V, making it versatile for various power systems.
  • Warranty: Backed by a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.
  • DC-Driven by PMSM: DC brushless motor ensures efficient and reliable operation.
  • Automatic Reset: Ensures the compressor automatically resets after any disruptions.
  • Soft Starting: Gentle start-up to prevent sudden power surges.
  • Intellectualized Design: Smart design for enhanced usability.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Smaller and lighter, integrated with the compressor body for space efficiency.
  • Multiple Control Modes: GEAR, PWM, and switch on/off for customizable operation.
  • High Precision Orbiting and Fixed Scroll: Ensures a long compressor life.
  • Noise and Vibration Reduction: Incorporates high technologies to minimize operational noise and vibrations.
  • R&D Excellence: Crafted with precision by a skilled R&D team using high precision CNC machines.
  • Certifications: ISO9001, TS16949, and TUV standard certified for quality assurance.

Upgrade your vehicle’s air conditioning with the ACTECmax 18cc Electric Auto AC Scroll Compressor – where efficiency meets excellence.