ACTECmax 24v 12v portable ac unit for semi truck,truck cab air conditioner

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Product Specification

Parking cooler is one complete electrical air conditioner for a truck sleeper cabin/tractor/caravan/construction Machine. It is powered by the battery of the vehicle, It can also work when the engine is off, making a cool environment for the driver to have a good sleep. What’s more, many drivers are using it while driving to save fuel.

  1. Brand: ACTECmax
  2. Model: AC.161.016
  3. Rated Voltage DC 12V 24V
  4. Optional DC 12V 24V
  5. Rated cooling capacity/DC conversion:500/2800W
  6. Whole rated current / DC frequency conversion:8/40A
  7. Rated evaporation air volume:260/560m /h
  8. Evaporation air volume: DC brush crossflow fan (three speeds)
  9. Rated voltage: DC 12V 24V
  10. Rated current:4.2A(High speed)
  11. Condensation air volume:2600m /h
  12. Refrigerant charge:600±20g R134a
  13. Refrigeration oil model:90-120ml POE 68
  14. Electric scroll compressor:24V 850W
  15. Condensing fan motor: DC brushed axial fan motor
  16. Rated voltage: DC 12V 24V
  17. Rated current:4.2A

Driving a semi-truck comes with its challenges, and one of them is staying comfortable during long hours on the road. In this article, we delve into the world of portable AC units designed specifically for semi-trucks. From the essential features to personal recommendations, this guide has everything you need to make an informed decision and keep cool while conquering the highways.

Key Features of Portable AC Unit for Semi Truck

Compact and Efficient Design

In the realm of trucking, space is a precious commodity. Explore how modern portable AC units are designed to be compact yet highly efficient, ensuring optimal cooling without sacrificing valuable space in your semi-truck cabin.

Energy Efficiency and Power Consumption

Discover the importance of energy-efficient portable AC units, ensuring you stay cool without draining your truck’s power supply. Learn about power consumption, battery-saving features, and how to strike the perfect balance between comfort and energy conservation.

Installation Made Easy

Navigating the installation process can be daunting. Uncover step-by-step guides and tips on installing a portable AC unit for your semi-truck effortlessly. From compatibility checks to DIY installation, make your cabin a haven of coolness with minimal hassle.

Noise Levels: The Silent Comfort

Explore how advancements in technology have led to quieter portable AC units. Find the sweet spot between cooling power and noise reduction, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed rest during those crucial rest stops.

Cost-Effective Cooling Solutions

Dive into the cost-effectiveness of portable AC units. From initial investment to long-term savings, understand how these units not only cool your cabin but also contribute to your overall budget efficiency.

Climate Control on the Go

Experience the adaptability of portable AC units to various climates. Whether you’re navigating scorching deserts or chilly mountains, find out how these units are designed to provide consistent and reliable cooling, ensuring your comfort across diverse terrains.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Learn essential maintenance tips to prolong the life of your portable AC unit. From filter replacements to troubleshooting common issues, empower yourself with the knowledge to keep your unit running smoothly mile after mile.

Portable AC Unit for Semi Truck: Expert Insights

The Anchor Group Advantage

Explore why Anchor Group stands out as a reliable supplier of AC parts and tools for heavy-duty trucks. Discover their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and a wide range of products that cater specifically to the needs of semi-truck drivers.

Personal Experiences: A Driver’s Perspective

Get real insights from experienced truckers who have incorporated portable AC units into their rigs. Learn from their first-hand experiences, challenges faced, and the undeniable benefits that have transformed their journeys.

Choosing the Right BTU: A Critical Decision

Delve into the importance of choosing the right BTU (British Thermal Unit) for your semi-truck. Understand how this decision impacts the efficiency of cooling in your cabin, ensuring you make a choice tailored to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a portable AC unit for a semi-truck differ from regular car AC units?

Portable AC units for semi-trucks are designed to cater to larger cabin spaces, ensuring efficient cooling in spacious interiors. They often come with features like easy installation and enhanced energy efficiency tailored for long-haul journeys.

Can I run a portable AC unit while my semi-truck is turned off?

Yes, many portable AC units for semi-trucks are designed to operate independently of the truck’s engine. They can run on a separate power source, allowing you to enjoy cooling even during rest stops or breaks.

What is the typical power consumption of a portable AC unit for a semi-truck?

Power consumption varies, but modern units are designed to be energy-efficient. On average, they consume around 500-700 watts, ensuring comfort without significantly impacting your truck’s power supply.

Are portable AC units suitable for all semi-truck models?

Most portable AC units are versatile and compatible with a wide range of semi-truck models. However, it’s crucial to check the specifications and dimensions to ensure a proper fit.

How often should I clean or replace the filters in my portable AC unit?

Regular maintenance is key to optimal performance. Clean or replace the filters every 2-3 months, depending on usage. This ensures efficient cooling and prolongs the lifespan of your portable AC unit.

Can a portable AC unit for a semi-truck be used in other vehicles?

While designed for semi-trucks, these units are adaptable. With the right power source, they can be used in other large vehicles like RVs or buses, providing cooling solutions beyond the trucking world.


In the world of long-haul trucking, comfort is a necessity, not a luxury. A portable AC unit for your semi-truck can make a significant difference in your journey. From staying cool in the hottest climates to enjoying a peaceful rest, the right AC unit enhances the overall trucking experience. Explore the options, consider the features, and make an investment that keeps you cool on the open road.






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