ACTECmax 24v 12v portable ac unit for semi truck,truck cab air conditioner,air conditioner for tractor cab

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Product Benefits: Enhance your journey with the ACTECmax Parking Cooler, a state-of-the-art electrical air conditioner crafted for various vehicles, including trucks, tractors, caravans, and construction machines. Specifically designed for tractor cabs, this innovative air conditioner creates a comfortable, cool atmosphere, ensuring a relaxing break or fuel-saving reprieve for drivers even when the engine is off.

Product Features:

  • Brand: ACTECmax
  • Model: AC.161.016
  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V 24V
  • Cooling Capacity (DC conversion): 500/2800W
  • Rated Current (DC frequency conversion): 8/40A
  • Evaporation Air Volume: 260/560m³/h
  • Condensation Air Volume: 2600m³/h
  • Refrigerant Charge: 600±20g R134a
  • Refrigeration Oil Model: 90-120ml POE 68
  • Electric Scroll Compressor: 24V 850W
  • Condensing Fan Motor: DC brushed axial fan motor

Upgrade your tractor cab with the ACTECmax Parking Cooler – the ideal air conditioner for a cool, comfortable ride,12 volt tractor air conditioner.

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air conditioner for tractor cab
air conditioner for tractor cab,12 volt tractor air conditioner

Explore the epitome of on-the-road comfort with ACTECmax’s 24v and 12v portable AC unit, expertly crafted for semi trucks and tractor cabs. Elevate your driving experience with our dedicated air conditioner for tractor cabs, ensuring a cool and refreshing environment during your long journeys.

Designed for the unique needs of long-haul truckers, portable air conditioners for semi trucks provide a compact and efficient solution. Operating on a 12-volt power supply, these units ensure a cool and comfortable in-cab environment, offering flexibility and ease of use. With quick installation and user-friendly controls, truckers can enjoy personalized climate control during rest stops and breaks. The portable nature of these units makes them versatile for various settings, providing energy-efficient cooling without compromising valuable cabin space. In the evolving landscape of long-haul trucking, portable AC units are transforming the on-road experience for truckers.

Key Features:

  1. Portable Comfort: Experience in-cab luxury with our portable air conditioner tailored for semi trucks.
  2. Dual Voltage: Enjoy versatility with both 24v and 12v options, catering to various truck configurations.
  3. Truck Cab Air Conditioner: Engineered specifically for tractor cab air conditioning, guaranteeing optimal cooling performance.
  4. Compact Design: Seamlessly fits into truck cabs without compromising space or efficiency.
  5. 12 Volt Power: Tailored for trucks, providing a reliable 12v power source for efficient cooling.
  6. ACTECmax Quality: Rely on the ACTECmax brand for superior quality and performance.

Unleash the power of comfort on the road with our 12-volt tractor air conditioner and portable AC for trucks. ACTECmax ensures you stay cool and comfortable, enhancing your trucking experience. Invest in quality, invest in ACTECmax.

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