ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner for semi truck 24v 12v

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Product Specification

Parking cooler is one complete electrical air conditioner for a truck sleeper cabin/tractor/caravan/construction Machine. It is powered by the battery of the vehicle, It can also work when the engine is off, making a cool environment for the driver to have a good sleep. What’s more, many drivers are using it while driving to save fuel.

  1. Brand: ACTECmax
  2. Model: AC.161.021
  3. Rated Voltage DC 12V 24V
  4. Optional DC 12V 24V
  5. Rated cooling capacity/DC conversion:500/2800W
  6. Whole rated current / DC frequency conversion:8/40A
  7. Rated evaporation air volume:200/560m /h
  8. Evaporation air volume: DC brush crossflow fan (three speeds)
  9. Rated voltage: DC 12V 24V
  10. Rated current:4.2A(High speed)
  11. Condensation air volume:2600m /h
  12. Refrigerant charge:600±20g R134a
  13. Refrigeration oil model:90-120ml POE 68
  14. Double cylinder rotor compressor:24V 850W
  15. Condensing fan motor: DC brushed axial fan motor
  16. Rated voltage: DC 12V 24V
  17. Rated current:4.2A



Certificate: ISO9001, TS16949, and TUV standard

Discover the Excellence of the ACTECmax Rooftop Aftermarket Truck Air Conditioner for Semi Truck 24V and 12V

When it comes to maintaining optimal comfort during long hauls, having a reliable air conditioning system in your semi-truck is paramount. The ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner is here to provide that comfort, whether you’re on the road for hours or days. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the features and benefits of the ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner, available in both 24V and 12V options.

Unmatched Cooling Power

Stay Cool, Stay Productive

In the world of long-haul trucking, maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature can make all the difference. The ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner is designed to deliver unmatched cooling power, ensuring that even during scorching summer days or humid nights, you can stay cool and stay productive.

A Perfect Fit for Semi-Trucks

Seamless Integration

One of the standout features of the ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner is its seamless integration with semi-truck cabins. Whether you have a 24V or 12V electrical system, this air conditioner is engineered to fit perfectly on the roof of your semi-truck, without the need for extensive modifications.

Key Features

1. Dual Voltage Options

The ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner is available in both 24V and 12V models, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of semi-trucks. No matter your electrical system, you can enjoy the benefits of efficient cooling.

2. Powerful Cooling Capacity

With a powerful cooling capacity, this air conditioner can quickly bring down the cabin temperature, creating a comfortable environment even during the hottest summer days.

3. Easy Installation

Installing the ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner is a breeze. Its user-friendly design and comprehensive installation instructions make it accessible for both truck owners and professional installers.

4. Energy Efficiency

This air conditioner is engineered for energy efficiency, helping you save on fuel costs while keeping your cabin comfortable.

5. Quiet Operation

Say goodbye to noisy air conditioning systems. The ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful cabin environment for restful nights.


In conclusion, the ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner for semi-truck 24V and 12V models offers a perfect blend of power, efficiency, and convenience. Whether you’re a professional truck driver or manage a fleet of semi-trucks, investing in this air conditioner can greatly enhance the comfort of your journeys.

Stay cool, stay productive, and stay ahead of the heat with the ACTECmax rooftop aftermarket truck air conditioner. Experience the difference today and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable cabin environment during your long hauls.